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Mansion District Pill Logo

Founded through the acquisition of the long-time District 5 Interiors business by Mansion Group, a leading hospitality and technology company; Mansion District was born out of the intersection of two great companies and their passion for style, quality, and relationships. 

Mansion District ("MD") believes in creating products for people who seek the sense of home, the sense of completeness, and the joy that comes through design. MD aspires to create a brand that inspires style makers and style seekers alike. MD is more than furniture, art, lighting, or design...Mansion District is at its core, the manifestation of the love our small team has for creating our own art through interiors.

Design for People Who Love What We Do.

Our Ethos of Design

Mansion District works to create a platform for passionate designers, architects, and crafstman who have vision and style. We aspire to be tastemakers for our communities and to be inspired by our clients as much as we inspire them.



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